WTT User's Guide
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Site Menu Bar

The Site Menu Bar is located at the top of the page at all times. It has four elements:

Screenshot of site menu bar

Window: This menu contains two classes of entries; permanent and dynamic. Permanent entries for a given data view are at the top. For example, after a compound has been loaded, the first entry is the Evaluation Summary window. Below that, all currently open windows are listed in chronological order of access. Select an entry to display that window in the front of the workspace.

Help: The menu provides short-cuts into the WTT documentation. Elements are displayed in the Application Help window.

Compound Search: This button opens the Compound Search window. This window allows for more complex queries, such as searches by chemical formula or molecular weight.

Login Required/Sign Out: This button indicates the current login status. When the client computer has provided proper credentials, this area displays "Sign Out". Select it to terminate the current session. When the user is not logged in, this area displays "Login Required". Select it to access the Login page in a new browser window.

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