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TDE-SOURCE Archive of Experimental Property Data

The TDE-SOURCE archive of experimental data is a subset of the TRC SOURCE archive. The TRC SOURCE [9, 10] archive was designed and built as an extensive relational data archival system for experimental thermophysical and thermochemical properties reported in the world's scientific literature. The TRC SOURCE archive now includes more than 4 million numerical property values with uncertainties estimated at TRC for more than 20,000 pure compounds, 40,000 binary and ternary mixtures, and 6000 reaction systems. Its structure is based principally on the Gibbs phase rule and serves as a comprehensive data storage facility of experimental property data for implementation of the dynamic data evaluation concept. At present, the rate of collection of numerical property values is near 0.4 million per year. It is estimated that TRC SOURCE contains approximately 80% of the available experimental thermodynamic data for organic molecular compounds.
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